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Daimler SP250 Racing    



Duncan Black

Duncan was the son of Duncan Black (snr) – the founder of Black and Decker. Duncan raced from 1953 until 1965. His former wife remembers that he raced an MG, Lister MG, Ferrari(s), Cooper and Corvette(s). This specific history of interest is about the Daimler SP250 (Chassis 100033) which was manufactured on the 29th of October 1959. Duncan’s racing history in the Daimler is second to none and he made the Daimler jump in the SCCA (Sports Car Club of America) from E to C class, only the AC Ace Bristol jumped two classes, as Duncan’s SCCA racing history was very exceptional 

Duncan Black

SSports Car llustrated (Feb 1956) - Duncan received the Congressional Trophy driving his Lister, also he received the Manhattan Auto Trophy 

When speaking to old friends of Duncan he was a very keen racer, also was part of Lavender Hill Mob Racing Association. Duncan really enjoyed racing at the old circuit Marlboro Motor Raceway. I have embedded a video clip that Joe sent me (go to 1:04) and see the speed Duncan got out of the Daimler:


 Daimler SP250