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Racing History of Car 100033

Sebring 12HR 1960

The car had just been sold to Duncan and rather than going for a local event he entered the Sebring 12 Hour race, as can be seen from the following picture the car is in standard form and was driven to the track and raced. Duncan with co-driver Malcolm Woodward finished the race in 34th place and was placed 7th in class.

The car had rear disc brake problems, which resulted in the car after finishing the race having a change from the original axle to an MGA which is still has today. When we restored the car we found that it had a slip diff and uprated springs. So Duncan was improving all the time the car. When you look at the car pictures from 1960 to 1963 he changed the wheels, the windscreen, the side screens. Added rollbar, anti-tramp arms and also anti-rollbar. Which is impressive. The only addition we have done from the work carried out is documented in the restore part of this website.

The following picture came from www.barcboys.com and shows the Daimler in the middle with No.26. The second picture is the start actually happening, again from the same website.

Sebring 1960 Start

Duncan in the second picture was jumping into the car at the start, in the picture above you can see him waiting on the other side of the Track

Sebring 1960

Now some pictures that I aquired from sellers on E-Bay. The car was chasing the Ac Bristol in the front, if the brake problem had not occured I believe Duncan would have been much further up the field in the end. But still a great result.

Sebing 1960

the next picture I have just aquired showing Duncan's car being worked on in the pits having the Spark plugs being removed. The work being performed was just to a standard car, nothing special at this stage. We found the hole in the door from the light being fitted.

Sebring 1960

The next picture below, is a great shot, showing how people got right next to the track.

Sebing 1960

SCCA CAREER (1960-1963)


April 3rd            – Pensacola result 2nd
April 16th          – Marlboro result 6th
May 1st            – Virginia International result 1st
May 15th          – Cumberland result 1st
May 30th          – Bridgehampton result 4th
June 18th          – Road America result 1st
July 2nd            – Lime Rock result 2nd
July 24th           – Meadowdale result 1st
August 6th        – Montgomery result 1st
August 21st       – Louisville result 1st
September 5th   – Thompson result 1st
September 23rd – Watkins Glen result 1st

Total number of points 88 (nearly double the 2nd place person in the championship) and Duncan won the championship at the first attempt in the SP250. At the end of the 1960 season, the SCCA moved Duncan and the SP250 into the C Production class.


April 16th – Marlboro result 1st
April 30th – Virginia International result DNF
May 14th – Cumberland result 1st
July 1st – Lime Rock result 1st
September 4th – Thompson result 4th
August 5th – Bridgehampton result 4th
August 20th – Indianapolis result 2nd

Again Duncan’s success was excellent, his first season in C Production class he finished second on 48 points. The following photograph is of Duncan racing at Bridgehampton. One of the only times he was beaten and that was by another SP250 when he finished 4th.


January 28th - Daytona result 1st
April 29th - Virginia International result 4th
May 13th - Cumberland result 11th

Duncan did not enter many races in 1962 so finish 4th in the points table at the end of that season, still not bad for such a very limited entry.


April 7th – Marlboro result 1st
April 29th - Virginia International result 4th
May 12th - Cumberland result 2nd
June 1st – Bridgehampton result 3rd
June 15th – Lime Rock result 2nd

Duncan was very consistent in 1963 and again won the championship with 46 points. This was the last year that Duncan raced in the SCCA championship.

Photos during SCCA races

1960 SCCA

Source: Photo from 1960 at Cumberland and clearly it shows the rollover bar. www.barcboys.com

1960 Victory Lap

 Source:  The above photo shows Duncan and his wife taking a victory parade. Showing the car had after Sebring been converted to Steels from wires, this was due to brake failure. Near the end of 1960 it was converted back to wires. The rollover bar had been introduced and the aero screen, less than a few weeks after Sebring. 


Source: The above picture came from Stan Simm. Great shot showing 100033 on steel wheels, between colours. Also just in front behind the red car is another SP250 racing at the wheel was Beeson Martin 

1960 Marlboro

Source:  The above picture is from 1960 at Marlboro, showing Duncan going off the track. Also through the dust can be seen the external battery charger point that the car has still today.

Marlboro Raceway 1960

Source:  Nice picture I purchased off ebay, showing Duncan, again different wheels and another Daimler in the back.

1961 Bridgehampton

Source:  The above picture is from 1961 at Bridgehampton, showing lined up.

1963 Marlboro Raceway

Source:  Duncan overtaking a Morgan at Marlboro Raceway

Last Picture 1963

Source:  Last race picture that I could find, many thanks to Tom Bigelow for allowing me to share this picture

The following have been provided by Terry O’Neill based on research he performed.


9/10 July 1960 Race 14 Result 3rd
10/11 Sept 1960 Race 5 Result 1st
10/11 Sept 1960 Race 10 Result 1st
12/13 Nov 1960 Race 4 Result 1st
12/13 Nov 1960 Race 10 Result 1st
12/13 Nov 1960 2-hour race Result 8th


7 Jan 1961 Race 4 Result 1st
7 Jan 1961 Race 9 Result 1st
June 1961 Race 9 Result 1st
July 1961 Race 14 Result 1st
Nov 1961 Race 7 Result 1st
Jan 1962 Race 4 Result 1st
Jan 1962 Race 12 Result 1st
June 1961 Race 8 Result 2nd
June 1961 6-hour race Result DNF


July 1962 Race 9 Result 1st
July 1962 Race 15 Result 1st
Sept 1962 Race 16 Result 2nd
Sept 1962 2-hour race Result 2nd
Nov 1962 Race 9 Result 4th

 Daimler SP250